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Saga Chocolat

SAGA CHOCOLAT is a family company that produces frozen desserts.

The Chocolate Saga started in 2006, when Jacques Morillon, based on his 40 years of experience as a pastry chef, and his wife, Patricia Morillon, set up their world of authentic and tasty pleasures in Villeron (France, 95). Since then, the whole team of SAGA CHOCOLAT, driven by the same passion for their work and the pride of their know-how, has committed itself to developing and producing most delicious high quality desserts.

Creativity and responsiveness make SAGA CHOCOLAT your trusted partner for the development of your desserts. Thanks to an efficient R&D department and a dynamic team, the company is at the cutting edge of food-processing in keeping with artisanal baking traditions. SAGA CHOCOLAT invested in a new production line in early 2013, which allows broad development capabilities.

By using the best ingredients, we are dedicated to producing highest-quality authentic desserts. Chocolate, eggs, wheat flour, fruits: these are the simple ingredients that compose our tasty recipes. We have also added certified organic desserts to our range of products. Thus, we have retained more than 30 distributors including dining restaurants, fast service restaurants, caterers and supermarkets. We also have customers in foreign countries.

Quality process

In order to guarantee the food safety of our desserts, we rely on a HACCP system formalized and developed according to the regulations in force.

Our Quality Assurance system is based on the requirements of the BRC standard with the main objectives of satisfying our customers, continuous improvement and control of our production, involving all our employees. Our production system, totally computerized, guarantees traceability from the reception of the raw materials to the shipment of finished products to the customer. We strive to maintain trustworthy partnerships with our suppliers, who are subject to rigorous referencing and quality monitoring. Since 2014, the whole of our Quality approach is recognized every year by the Chamber of Professions and Crafts, through the issuance of a Quality Charter. We ensure that this approach is fully integrated with respect for the environment.

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